How do I become a leader?

“Nikitas, I’m trying to grow a sales team.  I tell them exactly what to do but they never do it. It’s so obvious what they need to do in order to be successful but they don’t listen to me. What am I doing wrong?”

You are leading from the back. You’ve taken your throne as the “boss” not realizing that the greatest leaders lead from the front. It’s the only way.

Want someone to make 100 outbound calls? Make 100 outbound calls and then ask them to do so as well.

Need someone to get to 10 sales today? Get 10 sales yourself before anyone else.

Need someone to stay late or come in on their day off? Do it yourself.

I know, I know. You’re now a “manager”. Some CEO or company owner told you that you are now a “boss”. I just threw up in my mouth. What a scam. You’re not a boss. People cannot boss or manage other people. Even God himself gave us free-will. Do you think your word is more powerful than his? Ultimately we can do what we want, when we want and whenever we want.  And so can your employees. Don’t let your ego kill your paycheck and the paychecks of those you’re responsible for with the misconception that you can manage people. You’ve got a new title. You’ve got more access to the people at the top of the food chain. But you are not a leader because of your new title.

“How do I become a leader?” 

Simple. Do everything you are asking others to do. That’s it. Think of everything you are asking your team to accomplish that day. Think of all of the tasks you need them to do. Now, do them. Do them until your team has respect for you and follows your momentum. Do them until you are the momentum builder.  Do those things you’re asking others to do and your team will respect you. You will become a leader soon. Your word will be gold to your people. Until then your people will be skeptical and your word….in one ear and out the other. Rightfully so as well.

Think about it. Imagine asking a fat guy how to get skinny. He knows everything about science, health and he may even be a doctor. He knows how to get skinny. But….He’s not skinny!!! He won’t get on the treadmill himself. He’s not the vision of change you’re seeking and as a result you cannot trust him regardless of what he knows.


Alexander the Great conquered most of the known world by the time he was old enough to legally drink in a bar. How? He led from the front. He didn’t sit on a throne and watch his people battle. He battled with them and was the first to charge in against the enemy. His people were willing to die for him because of this. Your people will soon be willing to die for you as well. But, you need to be willing to do the same for them. Are you brave enough to be a leader or do you prefer the mediocrity of sitting on your “Boss” throne and losing battle after battle?









P.S. Excuse the typos. I’ll get an editor at some point. But for now…. It’s me and you baby!

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