Give Them Everything!!!

“Give Them Everything!!!!”

You probably think I’m crazy at this point. “Give them everything?” Here he goes again with another crazy sales concept. Hear me out though ladies and gentlemen. I’m about to give you a sales tip that if followed correctly in any service industry will absolutely drive your closing %’s ALL THE WAY UP. Love this song!!!

This is not theory. This is FACT. Let’s Go!!! 

There is this misconception out there that if you give your client the recipe for the “secret sauce” they won’t need you and therefore won’t hire you.  They will not engage or buy your services because they now know how you are miraculously repairing their credit, mowing their lawn, building their house, optimizing their site, advertising their product, etc etc etc. It’s simply not true.. Tell your customers exactly what you’re doing for them and break down exactly how it will happen. Go into as much detail as possible. Hold nothing back. Give them everything!!!

I have this saying at Key Credit, “go fast until you have to go slow”. What this means is do everything fast all day long. Be as efficient as possible. Make as many calls as you can in a given hour, write as many emails as possible to prospective clients and even eat your lunch quickly(time is money for Gods sake. Put that sub down. Order a small next time. Large’s take too long to eat.) but when you have a live human being on the phone that is interested in what you have to offer….SLOW THE TRUCK DOWN!!!!!! If you’re going about your day at 100mph you should slow down your consultation or pitch to  around 20mph. I know I know. This is not easy. Trust me. I have a green lamborghini and silver porsche 911 GTS toy set on my desk.

The actual toy porsche on my desk

I love going fast. I’m obsessed with speed. #Speedwins is another saying I use all the time. BUT, NOT IN YOUR PITCH DAMNIT. Take your time and give your prospective client as much detail as possible about how you do, what you do, when you do it. Don’t be afraid to go into detail. Your prospect is not going to steal your trade secret and then do it themselves. Slow down. Your consultation should be absolutely life changing for your customer. It should be a work of art. Your client has money they want to give you for a service. They worked VERY hard for that money. You need to work harder in order for the good karma of the capitalist system to forward their hard earned money from their wallet to yours. Your client deserves the best, from the best. I’m being very, very serious. Okay, you get the picture. Let’s move on….

Remember, we live in an age where anyone at anytime can google anything. Information is free and readily accessible. You can learn anything at anytime and pay nothing for it. But, that doesn’t mean someone wants to do it themselves. “I have no time”. Heard that lately? Yeah, I’m sure you say it to yourself throughout the day. Your client is saying it too. Teach them what you do so they respect you as a professional and then offer to do it for them.

I love using this sales system in the service arena. I would literately break down to my clients every single tactic I would take to better their credit. I break it down for them in excruciating detail. Sometimes I joke with them at the start of the consultation and warn them they will have a migraine by the time we’re done. I’ve done this thousands of times as my competitors took an opposite approach and didn’t tell their clients how they were helping them. I can close almost 100% of the consultations I start because of this tactic.

Why does it work you ask?

Simple. When someone sees what truly goes into your craft they will appreciate it. They will respect your expertise. They will understand that you are a professional and will trust you to execute the plan for them. Don’t summarize your hard work in your pitch to a prospect. Don’t shorten your presentation. It’s just not fair. If you do this they will be less likely to engage and more likely to cancel if for some dumb reason they did engage with you after a quick presentation. If your pitch is taking 10 minutes in order to close 50% of the prospects you speak too, try and push out your consultation or pitch to 20 minutes. I guarantee your closing percentage will sky rocket to somewhere close to 100%.

How to implement?

Here is how I did it. Super easy. Instead of telling my client how I am going to repair their credit I put on my professor hat and spend 30+ minutes teaching my prospect how they can repair their own credit. I take them through an action plan that they can execute themselves that will get them the desired results. I give them everything. 8/10 times the client will ask if I can execute the plan for them before I even finish teaching them.  2/10 times I’m asking a simple question at the end of the “credit repair 101” course that sounds like this…. “Thanks for letting me take you through the action plan that will get you from a 550 credit score to the point where you can qualify to purchase your home. Do you understand how this action plan will work and how you can have great credit again?”. The client will always say yes. The reasoning being quite obvious. I’ve given them a full proof road map for success. Once they’ve said yes I ask them another simple question, “would you like to hire my company to execute the plan FOR you?”. What do you think the response will be? Ummmm…Yes obviously.


“I’m not good at breaking down the details of how great my service is. I’m not a good communicator. I’m not good at sales, blah blah blah. ” Stop trying to be good at sales. Teach. Teach your client how they can “repair their OWN credit, how they can manage their own SEO or run their own advertising.” Don’t worry about YOU. Teach them well enough that they can even turn around and teach someone else what your’e doing. Give them the recipe to the “secret sauce”.  When you do this they will trust you as a true professional. They will pay you large sums of money and we will all live happily ever after 🙂

P.S. Can you see how implementing the “give them everything” system can drive up closing percentages for your sales team?

Would you like to implement this in your sales script at some point soon, but feel as if you don’t have time to do it yourself?

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BTW…See how my “give them everything” system just worked on even YOU via this free blog article where I gave you everything about giving others everything?? Talk to you soon:)

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